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Wedding at the Tata Palm House by Hungarian wedding photographer and videographer

The fairytale wedding of Polett and Balázs took place on a cool day in May. The couple chose the Tata Palm House, which provided a stunning setting for the perfect wedding. Luck was on their side, as despite the cloudy weather, the rain spared the event. We are extremely fortunate because we were the ones entrusted as the Hungarian wedding photographer and videographer.

Despite the gloomy sky that morning, the excited bride and groom saw nothing but happiness behind the weather. Polett's beautiful dress enchanted everyone's eyes. She shone in a romantic, queen-like gown that perfectly suited her and highlighted her femininity. The preparations began at the castle hotel, where joyful laughter and excited preparations filled the air.

Then came the big moment: the church ceremony. Standing in front of the altar, Polett and Balázs vowed love and eternal loyalty to each other.

After the church, the civil ceremony followed in the Palm House. The elegant and nature-centric venue created a magical atmosphere. As the couple exchanged official words, the clouds gradually parted.

Following the ceremony, a small dinner was held, followed by an exhilarating party. The games and activities allowed the guests to get even closer to each other and to Polett and Balázs. The hall was filled with joy, and everyone surrendered to the rhythm of the music. The DJ made sure the dance floor was always full, and no one remained idle.

The cutting of the cake took place with a truly cool and timeless classic, an AC/DC song. Celebrating like rock stars, they jointly sliced the first piece as the music ended. The wedding guests applauded and laughed excitedly.

After the cake cutting, it was time for the traditional folk dance. This marked the end of our work, but throughout the rest of the evening, people enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. The DJ proved to be an excellent choice, as they played music that got everyone on their feet.

We are truly lucky to have been part of this joyful and exhilarating celebration and the wonderful story of the loving couple.

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WEDDING PICTURES (click on the picture for full size)

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