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Wedding Photography and Videography at Szidónia Castle - Esküvő Classic Magazine

We are always delighted when Hungary's highest-quality magazine invites us for a collaboration. This time, we visited a beautiful castle, Szidónia Castle, near the Austrian border with a stunning "couple." Although Tibor Hajdú and Viola Gombos are not a real-life couple, you wouldn't know it from the footage. Both are actors and models, and they have worked together many times, making our job easy.

Elegance was at the heart of this project. The castle's magnificent rooms and beautiful garden provided the perfect setting for wedding photography and videography. Our team went above and beyond to ensure everything ran smoothly. Stylists, makeup artists, and hairdressers all worked tirelessly to make sure Tibi and Viola looked their absolute best in the photos and videos.

We had beautiful weather, which allowed us to fully utilize the castle's garden. It served as an excellent backdrop for both drone shots and the ceremony site. The sunlight perfectly illuminated the scenes, adding a magical touch to the footage.

The photos and videos captured during the wedding photography and videography session beautifully reflected the atmosphere of luxury and elegance that our services provide. Tibi and Viola's professionalism, combined with the enchanting environment of the castle, resulted in an outcome that belongs on the cover of any wedding magazine.

This collaboration once again proved that luxury wedding photography and videography is not just a service but an experience that can be cherished forever. If you also want your love story captured in such a magical and elegant setting, don't hesitate to contact us!

Magazine & organizer: Esküvő Classic

Venue: Szidónia kastély

Mua: Vincze Vivien

Hair: Németh Réka

Bridal dress: Ajnara

Suit: Carlo Benetti Győr

Jewel: Kiss Péter Jewellery

Table decoration: Galaktika Virágüzlet Győr

Bouquet, Gate of Heaven: Decors

Graphics: Bee Graphic

Table: Karmigráf

Cake: Baranka Cake

Gifts: Kexmánia


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